What is LiquidAssets?

What is LiquidAssets?

Welcome to Liquid Assets, a unique podcast that explores water in the context of business, technology, and policy. Your host, Ravi Kurani, navigates the vast expanse of water-related issues, highlighting its impact on various industries and our everyday lives.

Ravi brings a diverse lineup of guests to the table, ranging from innovative startup entrepreneurs to influential policy experts, and progressive mayors to visionary CEOs of water sanitation and wastewater companies. Each episode takes listeners on a deep dive into the business of water, exploring the bleeding-edge technologies shaping its future, and dissecting the policies that govern this invaluable resource.

Our discussions take a deep dive into the business of water, explore the innovations shaping the future of water sustainability, and unpack the policies that govern this vital resource. With Liquid Assets, you'll get a behind-the-scenes view of the challenges, triumphs, and intricacies of working with the lifeblood of our planet.

Liquid Assets is more than just a podcast; it's an exploration into the waves of change in the water sector. Whether you're a seasoned professional, a budding entrepreneur, or a curious listener interested in the nexus of business, technology, policy, and water, join us as we chart a course through these vast and dynamic waters.

Your Host, Ravi Kurani

Ravi Kurani, with a genuine curiosity about the world of water and its relationship with business, technology, and policy brings you Liquid Assets: The Business of Water. His background in water technology and business has shaped his perspective, allowing him to delve deeper into the subject with authenticity.

Serving as the President of Sutro, Ravi has been part of the journey to simplify water testing and data analytics for various sectors, including swimming pools, spas, and beyond. His approach is rooted in understanding the needs of the community and finding sustainable solutions.

Beyond the corporate realm, Ravi's commitment to water extends to his involvement with Friends of the River, where he contributes as a Board Member, advocating for the preservation of California's rivers and streams. His time with Sanghata Global as a Frontier Market Scout Fellow reflects his dedication to creating sustainable business models that benefit communities.

Ravi is a TEDx speaker and Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, Ravi remains grounded, valuing the lessons and experiences that have shaped his journey. He's also an active member of the Hampton community, supporting digital-first founders.

Join Ravi on Liquid Assets as he explores the multifaceted world of water, sharing stories and insights that resonate with both experts and everyday listeners alike.

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